A New DAWN Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

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Meet My Guides

First I would like to introduce  you to my Native American spirit guide.  His name is Joe.  Joe has been with me for a very long time.  I have always been drawn to dream catchers, hawks, feathers and fringe.  Joe is one of the reasons behind that.  It bonds me to him.  He draws me to signs that he wants me to see as well as finding many other ways to communicate.  I get messages through songs, my pendulums and of course, my cards.  He is a very strong spirit, but also a very gentle one.  I am grateful to have him with me.

This lovely lady is my Guardian Angel.  Her name is Joy.  She is always at my side.  When she wants to make sure I know she is there, I will be drawn to look at something that shows her name.  I was recently given a rock found by a friend with the name JOY written on it.  It was found near a home I had just sold.  This friend had no knowledge of Joy, but when I saw it I, I knew it was meant for me.  She gently guides me and gives me emotional strength.  I am thankful for her presence in my life.